Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Going back and moving on… went to Brighton last weekend. Had a brilliant time, but it was really weird. I don’t live there anymore. I had a good time of closure with God though. I left kicking and screaming at the end of June, not wanting to go at all. But wandering through the Lanes on Sunday, I knew that however much I love Brighton, I have work to do elsewhere in the next year. I went to Brighton very excited about my move to Cambridge, I came back a bit more sombre with a bit more of a reality check. I love Brighton, I love the community I had there, I love being able to wander into a friends house, hang out with them for a bit then wander onto another friends house, I love the studentness of spending Saturday nights with large numbers of randoms eating pizza and shouting at X-factor, I love spending hours on end chatting with my best mates about life, the Universe and everything. I know not all of that will disappear when I go to Cambridge, but it will be very different. So as I start again to sort out and pack up my stuff, I’m still excited about moving to Cambridge, what God’s going to do in me and through me there, but I know its going to be hard, and I am afraid. But fear drives me to dependency on God, which is never a bad place to be.


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