Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Here I go...

From tomorrow I'm a Cambridgite - how weird! I've only ever visited the city 3 times in my life and now I'm moving there! How bizarre! And for those who keep asking, no I'm not going to the uni, I don't think my poor little brain is quite up to a physics pHD from Cambridge! I'm working at the brilliant Rock Baptist church (as far as I can tell full of some of the lovelist people in the world!) Am well excited about it now, having been in a bit of a strop with God for the past few days I'm now ready to jump into the unknown knowing He has the best for me. Bring it on! Anyhoo as I step into the unknown, I don't know where the next internet connection is coming from so I may be offline for a while (or I may not...!) Bear with me!


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