Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Its been an interesting week involving going to Thorpe Park for my brothers birthday (he’s 27!), attending a dismal opening game of the season at Aldershot (who lost 2-0 to Tamworth (the home of the famous pig) sadly the roof of the East Bank terrace at Aldershot was as leaky as their defence – I got soaked! Been riding The Beast (aka Kira) quite a bit (been told by quite a few old ladies that I’m riding a different horse – well noticed (and you are…?)) and reading the brilliant Jesus Driven Ministry (which I did start last November but WILL finish before I go to Cambridge!!) The highlight of the week has been spending the day at Soul Survivor with my wonderful mate Anna, who isn’t a Christian. It was well interesting seeing the event from an atheists perspective. Had the fab opportunity of praying for her (or sending out positive thoughts as she likes to think of it (however much I tell her I’m talking to the Creator of the Universe for her!!) I think she came away from it with quite a positive view, especially impressed at the unity of different denominations (which I am glad about coz it could of gone either way!!) tho she still doesn’t believe its true .. I spose only God can do that (I wish He’d hurry up!! I know, I know perfect timing n everything but still!!) Anyhoo, off to beautiful Brighton this weekend – yay!


Blogger Rachel said...

Hiya Lou!
Good to see you've joined the increasing number of ex-relayers with way too much time on our hands! Glad you're having a good summer :)

Mon Aug 22, 08:43:00 pm  
Blogger David said...

Hiya Lou,
Soul Survivor was fantastic; I felt God really talking to me. My heart for mission has grown stronger.

Tue Aug 23, 05:40:00 pm  

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