Thursday, August 11, 2005

Its over a week now since I got back from Bulgaria – how bizarre – I think Bulgarian weeks must be longer than English ones! Still very much missing Bulgaria – the friendships, fun, sunshine, watching God at work, being spurred on in my relationship with Him by my team-mates, even the perpetual making a fool out of myself. But anyway, that’s gone now and I’m still here in Normandy. I have been appreciating my
surrounding more in the last few days – I do live in a beautiful place where I can wander out of my front door and walk for miles in stunning countryside. My parents are home from holiday now, so I have people to talk to! (and strop at… though hopefully not tooo much!) Music’s gone – a very sad day. But I’ve been given another horse to ride. Kira, a young, armchairish cob of about twice the width of Music, and half the brain power. Her owners even gonna pay for me to have lessons on her (to teach her to bend) which is soo nice, and I’ve been riding her out with some crazy Normandy housewives, which has been much fun. So God seems to be providing for me even in Normandy (what He’s everywhere??!)

(photo is of me and Kira (Steve - she's bay (brown with a black mane and tail - will educate you all on horse colouring!! :o) )


Blogger Steve LW said...

Wow that's a tall looking horse! Do you use a step-ladder to mount her or what?

Sat Aug 20, 11:52:00 pm  

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