Sunday, August 07, 2005

Our beautiful team
Well, a few days on and my stomachs glad to be back from Bulgaria (its loving the non-salty, non-greasy, non-gone-off-milky, slightly healthy breakfasts I've been feeding it!) but the rest of me not so much. Its really strange after having been surrounded by loads of brilliant, fun people for 2 weeks to suddenly be flung into complete solitude in the darkest depths of Normandy. However, thankfully the Lord doesn't ever leave us or forsakes us so its not like I'm completely alone! I've been learning more of the amazingness of his grace. Bizarrely - he loves me jsut as much now as I sit quietly and contemplate him (or even just bum around on the web) as he did when I was preaching the gospel in Bulgaria. Weird. Its like grace is a free gift or summat!! Anyhoo, apart from speaking with the Creator of the Universe, I've spent the past few days helping Dancing Dave caption a few of his 1200 photos (thanks Dave, its kept me entertained!) check em out! Also, we're on the UCCF website - get our fame!!


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