Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Zippy big day out in Cambridge

Ahh the delights of a digital camera, small yellow bear (is he a bear? if not what is he? Zippy obviously...) and a historic city. Zippy spent the day on Saturday with his friends Lou and Kath in a thoroughly over excitable state visiting several pretty colleges, Isaac Newtons Mathematical Bridge, watching the punts and visiting his favourite cafe in Cambridge (the Rainbow Cafe obviously, which his friend Lou also appreciated as its vegestarian) It may not be Brighton, Barcelona or Bulgaria (the other places Zippy has had fun days out in recently) but he still thoroughly enjoyed his time in Cambridge. Obviously he's moving through places alphabetically - Dublin next baby!


Blogger Michael Walton said...

Q and A: Brick throwing
I know a question that many of you have is, "When is it proper to throw a brick at someone?" Hopefully this list will help:

It is acceptable to throw bricks (soaked in lighter fluid and set on fire) at these types of people:

People who have backpacks with wheels on them.
People who ask you what time it is.
People who drive too slow. (These people also usually have at least 2 political bumper stickers from the 80's)
People who try to force thier opinions on you. (such as telling you how old they are.)
People who make a point to act like someone that they arne't. (Actors are an exception to the rule, unless they advertise a new type of lawn fertilizer.)
People who breathe indoors.
People with mullets, skullets (A balding man with a mullet.), or guys with ponytails.

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