Monday, December 26, 2005

still christmas

Leading a service on Christmas day is very weird. When I woke up instead of instantly thinking 'hooray its christmas!' i thought 'oh no I've got to lead the service arghh its all going to go wrong!' and was therefore a little bit grumpy for a while, spending quite some time grumbling to myself about why I'd agreed to do this in the first place and the fact Christmas would be way better and more relaxing if I hadn't (to be fair, the Christmas day service at my home church is usually a bit of a pantomine, where anything can (and usually does) happen) However it didn't take me long to realise how stupid and sinful my fear and grumpiness were. After all, what could be better to do on Christmas morning than to proclaim Christ and his amazing gospel to people who don't know him? Through God's grace the service went well (with surprisingly few surprises!) man i don't get His whole delighting in using the weak and the foolish but for some reaosn he does choose to use me, even though I grump about it rather than delighting in it - what a fool I am, how incredible He is!


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