Sunday, January 22, 2006

death - what a cheery subject

I've jsut got back from an old peoples home and I'm a bit shaken up (and there's no-one around to talk to and everyone I phone is either out or ignoring me so I'm gonna talk to my blog instead.... something quite wrong in that oh well). 14 old people have died in the home we visit in the last few weeks - 3 of them were regular punters to our services. So what - you say - surely its par for the course working with old people and yeh I spose it is... but there's still something in us that screams that death is wrong - this is not how it should be. And thats right, its not how it should be - check out Genesis 3 - death was not the original norm, but a punishment for our rebellion. Jesus came to deal with the enemy of death, and he conquered it, and we can conquer it too, if we're trusting in him we will have eternal life with im in heaven. But I supose I'm shaken coz I don't know how many of those 14 old people were ready for eterntiy. Ready for death in a n earthly sense, they definatley were, all very old and frail (the olderst was 97 - good old 'Granma' who would always shout at the noisier ones in our services telling them to 'be quiet'!!) but I have no idea if they were right before God, and I shoudn't dwell on it, for its not for me to know now. And there's nothing I can do about it now, no use praying for them now, they've already entered eternity, its too late. But there are so many more that its not too late for, and for those people I should be on my knees crying out to God for them, and proclaiming the gospel to them as clearly as I can. And its not just to old people - I have no idea how long the people around me have left... a morbid thought but an important one.


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