Saturday, January 21, 2006

Prayer.... lovin it

Prayer's great! I love it!! What a privilege that we can approac the throne of grace with confidence! I went to a fab prayer meeting this morning - at 8.30 am on a saturday morning, there were about 20 of us crammed into Matthews living room, a real mix of age, background and culture, praising God and interceding for our nation and our city. It was so exciting. Lately I've been 'reading' (ie listening to!) a book called 'Seven Great Prayer Warriors' which looks at the lives of some amazing men and women of God, whose trust is God was so apparent in their prayer lives. Prayer changes things. I've been seriously challenged to look at my personal prayer life. If I believe God is good, and He answers prayer, why aren't I on my knees more interceding for my friends, family, city, nation, the nations? I really wanna be a pryaer warrior!!


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