Monday, February 20, 2006

More cornish madness

So what did we get up to in Conrwall? Well, it was the usual combo of questionnaires (oh the joy of walking up to complete strangers going 'Hi, I'm from the CU...yadayadayada' whilst thinking 'you think I'm a complete freak, don't you? And I don't blame you - if I were you I'd think I was a complete freak too' but then actually getting to talk to them about Jesus and it being great ... up until the questionnaire is finished and then you have to go an approach another random...), lunchtime talks (I did one on 'Is homer simpson good enough for heaven?' sadly no non-christians turned up, coz it was in some obsecure out of the way room - d'oh!) and grill a christians (or 'Gorilla-Christian.... had the very random experience of running round college with the philospical Andy Witherall dressed as a gorilla, inviting 6th formers to the event, then sat on a table in a corridor where loads of people hang out and chatted to teenagers about God whilst lots of them were snogging each other, and got to answer the brilliant quesiton 'so if you gotta be perfect to get to heaven n none of us are... how'd you get to heaven?', and lots of other more random quesitons) God did lots of stuff in the week, which was great, sometimes it was difficult to see what he was doing but we had a great reminder at Falmouth CU meeting, that evangelism isn't about being successful, its about being faithful, and I think we were faithful to the amazing good news of Jesus. We also had a lot of fun outside of college hours, spending time eating free teascakes in coffee shops, being creeped out by scary Canadians who own a huge haunted mansion and a very smelly dog, relaxing in the cushiest CUG accomodation ever (me and Steph got free amazing bed and breakfast, and were waited on hand and foot!), being grossed out by 'Derailed' (such a disgusting film - don't watch it!), and generally laughing a lot. It was great :o)


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