Monday, February 06, 2006

Weak and foolish

This saturday I was back doing what I love - working with randomly crazy people who all have a similar heart for random and crazy small groups of Christian students. It was a training day for FE CU's, typiclly for FE there were more people leading sessions than students, but I didn't care. I was back doing something that I felt like I knew how to do. A rare occurance at the moment. At Rock I feel out of my depth a lot, I feel I have very little experience, that I am very young and everyone else is more capable than I am. So it was great being back doing FE, not so much because I felt capable, but because I was reminded of who God chooses to use. Those oh so familiar verses 1 Corinithans 1:26-2:5 I love these verses, I've lead countless studies on them, asking the same questions as we were asked on Saturday, and yet I get stuff out of it every time I look at it (hey its like the Bible's a living word or something!!) God delights in using weak and foolish people, it brings glory to him. It was a lesson I lerant again and again last year as I watched God use two bizarre groups of people to bring glory to his name. God using the weak and foolish was a day to day occurane of life and was what motivated me to keep on working with these random CUs. But I haven't dwelt on the amazingness of that truth quite so much this year, I mean Rock seems pretty sorted (compared to Northbrook and Sussex Downs CUs anyway!!) But I'm not sorted, I'm still weak and foolish, and I really need to remember the truth of what Paul writes to the Corinithians. It doesn't matter that I'm young and inexperienced, I have the Creator of the Universe on my side, and he wants to use me!!

Encouragements of the day
1. Long Road CU grew by 50% and quadrupled its male population as 3 boys joined our meeting!!!
2. I invited one of the careworkers at the nursing home to look at the Bible with me, she's blatantly searching, she's going to get back to me.
Hooray for God!


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