Friday, April 14, 2006

GOOD Friday

I've had a hectic day - I'm tired but I'm joyful - God's grace is amazing! I've spent most of the day hearing and talking about both the horrendousness of the cross - what Jesus endured for us, and the amazingness of it - what Jesus acheived for us. It is finished. God's grace is amazing and it is all we need. I've had a pretty tough week and I've had to organise two services in old peoples homes - and speak at one. Due to some unexpected things my preparation time for these services was really quite limited. I hate going into a service feeling underprepared, and thats what I did this afternoon. And what made it worse (although also great) was when I walked into the room at Hinton Grange expecting to see the usual gaggle of 4-5 elderly folk - the room was packed - you could hardly get in the door! (in fact I'm sure it was a fire hazard - if there was a fire it would've taken aaaaages to wheel all those old dears out!) however, God is nice and the service seemed to go well (one of my fav old ladies told me afterwards 'You did a lot better than I was expecting you to, dear' I'm not sure whether or not to take that as a compliment!! But that service shows the grace of God - 'Nothing in my hands I bring, onlyto your cross I cling' - I only had the cross to cling to this afternoon, I was physically and emotionally drained, I had nothing to offer but I did have the Creator of the Universe on my side, who likes to work through weakness - and I think he did! Hurrah for Jesus!


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