Saturday, April 08, 2006

Middle of No-where Land

I spent the week before last in the Dordoigne (spelling?) region of France, literally the middle of nowhere, where this is one of the most frequest road signs:
Beware those cows - you just don't know what they're thinking!!
I went to visit my horse, Music (ok ok so she's not acutally mine, but I looked after her for 8 years so she feels like mine) and her owners of course. It was fab to be out riding Music again, just me, a horse and the Creator of the Universe admiring his creation (and sometimes being soaked by the rainclouds he also created!!) It was great to escape work, to realise again that God loves me as much when I'm sitting on a horse in the middle of nowhere as he does when I'm organising outreach to old people or telling Latvian students about Jesus. I don't need to be doing things to be loved by my Heavenly Daddy, I can just be and he still loves me.
And - I managed to avoid any ditches when I took Mu out in the trap - always a bonus!


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