Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today I dislike my job - I don't often dislike my job, usually I love it, but today I'm don't like it very much. Maybe thats a bit strong - today I dislike several aspects of my job. Today I wished I was doing a normal 9-5 job that you forget about at the end of the day. Today I wished I did a job where a 'day off ' meant exactly what it says on the tin. Today I wished I did a job where I don't work from home - where you can't just be rung up when your not working and stressed out by a problem that affects your mood for the rest of the day. Today I wished I worked for an organisation that owned its own building, so that I didn't have to deal with people who are incompetant of booking out their buildings. Its days like today when I have to remind myself why I do my job. But when I do that I realise actually how lucky I am. Lucky that, although my job can be stessful, time consuming and difficult to switch off from at least what I'm doing has eternal significance - what a privilege. And I know that ultimately God is in control of the whole thing anyway, so really, however irritating things are, I needn't get stressed out about stuff (easier said than done!)


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