Thursday, May 18, 2006

More lessons from small children

I love learning lessons about God from small children. After Little Rockers today, one of the mums was patiently waiting while her 3 year old child helpfully helped us load up all the stuff. Suddenly, Jasmine lost her never, went running over to her mum shouting 'Mummy, mummy, don't go without me!' As if she ever would, she'd never done in the past, and the thought would have been the furtherst thing from her mind. I remember a similar incident when I was a small child. My whole family were driving back from seeing my grandparents, I 'd been playing with my brotehr on the swings at a service station, we wre just walking back to the car when we saw our parents drive past (they were coming to pick us up) I got really upset, coz I thought they were driving off without us. No loving parent would even consider abandoing their child, but children still seem to have the fear that they will. Although they never have in the past this time... this time their patience has just run out. I know I'm like that with God, I know he's been faithful to me time and time again, I know he's my loving father who has promised never to leave me or forsake me, but still sometimes the fear grips me. Not this time. This time his patience will run out. This time he'll leave without me, he'll forsake me and leave me alone. Well, its just not true - I need to stop thinking like a 3 year old!! God is faithful, and he will keep to his promise of never leaving or forsaking me - why do I doubt it?!


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