Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things I liked about today

1. Yesterday, I thought today would be rubbish as all I had to do was admin for our elderly ministry and go to a boring sunday school meeting - but it was actually a great day!

2. I met the youngest person I've ever met - little Adam Fox at jsut 7hrs old!!:

(ok newborn babies aren't very pretty but they are sooo small!!) I was amazed again at the perfection of small babies. They are tiny little human beings (thought they make noises like little puppies!). Weirdly, Jesus was like this once.... how does that work??!
3. Having the excitment of being the first person to tell people of the existance of a new person!!
4. I love thunderstorms and summer rain
5. Although Neighbours wasn't on, I watched the Railway Children at teatime instead, which gave the whole day a bank holiday type feel (even though I'd done a lot of work!)
6. Cambridge City Council at least gave the impression of being competant at booking out Lichfield Community Hall (we shall see how competant they actually are when we turn each time for Diamonds, if in the next 3 months no-one else is using the hall at the time we're booked from then I'll believe they are actually competant (or just lucky!!))
7. I love church community
8. I found out that tomorrow is not going to be as manic as I thought it would be


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