Thursday, July 20, 2006

Missing Mission

Well its that time of year when lots of people I know bog off to far flung places of the globe to tell people about Jesus for a few weeks. And I'm jealous. I'm jealous for two reasons:
Firstly - I'm jealous of the new experience they will have, engaging with different cultures and trying new things are always exciting (and I would add I'm jealous of the weather they'll have but hey its probably hotter here!! yuk!)
Secondly - I'm jealous of the fact they will be depending utterly on God, and being taught new things, and reminded again of the old.
But - as always I'm being silly. Yes missions are great and they are well exciting, but why do I limit God? Why do I think that just coz I'm staying in Cambridge over the summer he can't teach me new things about himself? Why can't I still live radically here, why can't I learn to depend utterly on him in my day-to-day life. Why don't I expect to see him use me to bring people closer to him whilst I'm at home? God does not just work in Bulgaria, Ecuador and Cambodia, he works in Glebe Road too, AND Lichfield Hall AND even Hinton Grange - and I can be part of that. That is exciting. (+ culture wise - I know loads of people from differnt cultures, I'll just have to invite myself round to their houses and get them to teach me their culture!)


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