Friday, August 25, 2006

4 hour holiday

I had a 4 hour holiday today!! Me and Alice and Zippy pretended to be tourists for a monring and went on an Open Top Bus tour - it was fab! We are now thoroughly educated about historic Cambridge and life in general - for example - did you know that a golden pineapple is a sign of wealth? Well, I suppose it is quite obvious - you'd have to be pretty rich to own a golden pineapple.
Above you will see (from the top):
- Zippy at the round church (one of my fav Cam buildings - built in the 12th century (80 years before any stupid uni buildings) its the current home of the fab Christian Heritage
- Zippy and Alice sheltering from 2 spots of rain that fell (the weather apart from those 2 sports was AMAZING its like summers back or something!)
- Alice and Zippy at the American cemetary (doesn't it look like we're in a differnt country?!)
- Me and Zippy by one of Cambridges 35,000 bicycles
- Zippy experiencing some travel sickness (watch out belwo!)
- Zippy and Alice listening to come quality tour bus commentary.

Most random conversation of the day:
Alice (after discussing whether we could pass me off as a student): what age do you have to be to be a student
Ticket man: 16 +
Alice: Ah, well we're not students, so how much is full price?
Ticket man: Well, I'll put you through as students - it'll be cheaper
Alice (to me): I didn't lie - did I?

Quality morning!


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