Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cricket vs gosepl on Parkers Piece

Just got back from quite a random open air service that we did on Parkers Piece (a large bit of flat (surprisngly!) green-ness in the middle of Cambridge whre apparently the international rules of football wer 1st written down (man, Cambridge is a werid place!) Thankfully, it didn't rain, as I thought it was going to, but there was a charity cricket match right next to us (they had Graham Gooch!!) So we had to compete wit hrandom cricket commetnray interspersed wtih 'Is this the way to Amorillo' (which now obviously I can't get out of my head grrrr!!). Still we drew a reasonable sized crowd. I had to give my testimony (which was horrible, I was really scared and felt I made no sense, but apparently I did...!) Then Al talked about Jesus' 'I am the resurrection and the life'. I love doing things in the open air - its such a privilege!! I think too often we take things for granted in this country, and feedom of speech is one of those. I love that we can plug up microphones in the middle of a central meeting place and tell the good news of Jesus - hooray! We should make the most of the opportunities while we have them... who knows if at some point the 'Insightment to religious hatred' bill will re-rear its ugly head and praching the gospel in public might become illegal. Doesn't mean we'll stop doing it of course, but it won't be so easy. Hooray for free speech! though maybe a bit of persecution would be good for us...!!)


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