Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lord, you know my heart
Lord, you know my body
Lord, you know my feelings
Lord, you know my friends
Lord, you know the pain,
the pain I feel, the struggle to see,
Lord, you know the heart-ache
the heart-ache from watching friends broken
Lord, why do you allow it?
Why do you allow it to continue?
Come Lord, end this

Come to me, you say,
Come - my yoke is easy
and my burden light
Why do I feel so heavy laiden?
Come to me, you say,
Come, and I will give you rest
Why do I feel so tired?
Come to me, you say,
I will never leave you
I will not forsake you
Why do I feel so alone?

Lord, why is this world so messed up?
Why do you allow it?
He gives no answer
Just opens his arms
And dies on a tree
He does know pain
He does know heart-ache
He does know suffering
And he knows them because of me

This world is not all there is
Something better will come
One day, every tear will be wiped away
I can share in it,
Because of the cross
What love
Come, Lord Jesus, come


Blogger Steffy B said...

Let me try again to post a comment..maybe it'll work this time!
Love the poem Lou.

Wed Aug 23, 12:14:00 pm  

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