Monday, September 18, 2006

Back in Brighton

Well, here I am sitting in my lovely little lilac room in sunny Brighton! Its very odd. I know I've had a week between leaving Cambridge and moving here, but it seems like such a fast turn around. Possibly coz my two worlds are so different. A week ago I was standing on a stage in a suburban Cambridge school being prayed for in front of a church of 200 odd (very odd..! :o)) people of whom I was one of the youngest adults. In the afternoon we headed down to the old peoples home to proclaim God's word there. Yesteday I was prayed for again, this time in an old CofE church wehre about 30 of us (inc many cute small children) were gathered, mainly sitting around in a circle on the floor, praising God together and learning from His word. A lot of the people there were my age or younger. We then headed down to the pub to discuss the Bible some more. I lvoe the fact that church can be expressed in such different ways, but at the centre is Jesus and the gospel. And although outwardly Rock and Christ Church, Brighton look very different - the amazing welcome, love and sense of community that I experienced at Christ Church yesteday exactly mirrored what I experienced at Rock. Hooray for the gospel transforming people and making them like Jesus! I do miss Rock. A lot. I miss all my friends, I miss the outreach misnitries (I seem to spend a lot of time at the mo looking at my watch and thinking about what's happening at Rock 'Its 3.40pm on a Thursday - messy play time at Little Rockers...!). I especially miss being around older people. But I'm really looking forward to serving Christ Church. And although things will be weird for a while - adapting back to Brighton life, I am glad to be back here.


Blogger Anthony said...

Welcome back, Lou!

Mon Sep 18, 02:30:00 pm  

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