Friday, September 29, 2006

Doing what I love

I love reading the bible with people who aren't Christians. I had the real privilege today of going to a lovely Korean lady's flat and doing just that. She has the most adorable two small children - my Little Rockers training in sustaining serious conversation through small children distraction came in very handy! We looked at Mark 2:1-12 one of my fav passages. Its such a good passage, coz its the kind you know from Sunday school - the paralysed man being lowered down from the roof by his friends - you've made the models, you've learnt about how nice the friends are etc etc its seems a very familiar and very safe story. But actully its well contraversal. And its great when, studying it with a non-Christian, they pick up the contraversy. It comes in vs 5. The friends have lowered this poor paralytic man in obvious need of physical healing and the first thing Jesus says to him is 'Son, your sins are forgiven.' What?! Why does he say that?! Surely gentle Jesus meek and mild should just say -'ahh there thee get better.' But no - this is Jesus out to show that he is God. This is Jesus out to show that the most important thing a person needs is not physical healing but forgiveness. As contraversal today as it was in Jesus day. I love it when Jesus shocks people!


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