Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fab day off

I love days off where you just have lots and lots of fun, but you haven't planned it ages in advance. Things I loved about yesterday:
* Walking through the beautiful Sussex countryside with Suz reminissing about the beauties and pain of DofE
* Getting lost and scrambling through undergrowth to try and rectify that - whilst also traspassing - whoops!
* Taking a photo of a cow and sending it as a picture message to Mirsaid, knowing he'd love it (even if he does think I was slightly mad!)
* Watching and shouting at X-factor with Suz and Molly and a big bowl of pasta and pesto
* Hanging out with a load of firends who I've hardly seen in the last two years, but the bond of struggling through and helping each other through our physics degrees is so strong that it doesn't matter that we haven't seen each other for ages - physics remains the same (even if some of us don't remember it as well as others!)
* Watching 'The breakfast club' (fab 80s film) and eating pancakes (chocolate spread, peanut butter and banana being the best filling)
* Discussing which is worse to come across on the pavement - dog poo or vomit (vomit is obviously worse - but others had strong views to the former)
Fab day!!


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