Sunday, October 01, 2006

+ves and -ves

Things I dislike about Brighton
1. The hills and the fact I'm always sweaty when I get home
2. West Street (aka Fight Street) on a Fri / Sat night - eugh!
3. Killer seagulls the size of small dogs
4. The smell of weed that sporadically drifts around the place
5. 7 dials - isn't life complicated enough without having a place where 7 roads meet?!
6. Feeling scared when I walk around after dark (after having never felt scared on Glebe Road!!)
7. The pigeon poo bridge - run quikly otherwise they might get you!

Thing I like about Brighton
1. The hills (when I'm at the top of one or when I feel its good to have excercise!)
2. The beach - esp when you can sit and pray and watch a gorg susnet or when it really overcast and there's hardly anyone else around
3. The fact the Sussex uni campus is built in the shape of a cat - what more can you want from a university!
4. Seeing the streets looking like a little toy town when you look out of the train window on the viaduct between Brighton and London Road stations - awesome!
5. The South Downs
6. The fact there is always something going on and it is usually quite random!
7. The view from the end of the Ditchling road as you drive towards my house - the Downs, the sea and the city - fab!
8. Primark, the 99p store, Woolies - what can I say? Cambridge really needs to catch up on the cheap shop front!
9. The Laines (exept the really weird shops...!)
10. Shakeaways (man - I haven't had one yet!)


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