Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas light happiness

I don't think Christmas lights have ever made me as happy as the ones that are up in Brighton this year - looooook its like going under either a magical spiders web or a blanket of stars everytime you walk / bus pas the clock tower - makes me smile every time its great! The only problem is that the road junction that the lights span is dangerous enough to cross anyway - and now its a million times worse as everyone is looking up at the light prettiness!
There's an even better one over a fountain in the Laines but I don't have a photo of that! Very pretty :o)


Blogger Ofelia said...

I've been thinking that as well. For me, Christmas hasn't delivered on its promises for years now. But this year I seem to really be getting into the spirit of things, ie this year the lights are happy reminders of Christmas itself rather than obnoxious symbols of commercialism. Remember, look both ways before crossing.

Thu Nov 30, 01:38:00 am  

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