Monday, November 13, 2006

Church in a pub? Yes please!

I've loved church in a pub over the past two weeks - we've had loads of visitors and it's been fab. Last week we had about half of Korea visitng + the barman from downstairs, who, when Carl went up to take questions after his talk said something like'I don't have any questions - but I want to thank you, I felt really welcome, you've really opened my eyes...' cool! Then this week we had 8 visitors (including Christ Church people about 20 in all - that's almost more visitors than regulars!) it was great - two of my mates came, which was sooo cool. We made good use of the church in a pub catchphrase (or one of them) 'Ask what you want, say what you like, but respect each other'. I love sitting in a pub discussing the Bible openly with people who don't know God. Sitting in a place where people feel comfortable, where we can grapple with the big quesitons in life, where people can think we are crazy for believing what we do, but they are still happy to discuss it, and to hear God's word explained. I love being part of a church for people who don't go to church - its's great!


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