Friday, September 21, 2007

The awesomeness of being part of a global church...

I love being in God's family. I've just been up to Sheffield for a few days (oh actulay - it was only for about 24 hours - it felt like longer (in a good way!)) I rocked up to a city I've only been to once in my life - was met by someone I'd never met before, taken into their home and treated as one of the family. I love it! I love the fact I have so much in common with people I've never met - that the gospel binds us together, we are berothers and sisters in Christ and I love being treated as such by people I don't know. It reminded me of UCCF days and the bizareness of turning up on someone random's doorstep at 9.30 at night after teamdays - them letting you in giving you a bed for the night, feeding you breakfast and sending you on your way. Being ina global family is exciting!! The people who I stayed with in Sheffield are the McAlphines
- they rock big style!!
I also love being part of my local church - especially when it reflects the global church. I missed our meeting on Wednesday - and I'm missing everyone so much! The photo above was taken last Wednesday - and it makes me laugh a lot. These girls - Susie, Becca and Nat - are quality, but the photo reminds me of the type I was sceptical off in UCCF and other evangelical litrature - where they always seem to try and hunt out a non-white person to take a photo of to try and prove that evangelicalism isn't just white, middle class - they are international really (sorry sceptism in overdrive!) This kind of photo would be a gift for that kind of literature - Becca with her huge afro, Nat looking beautfully Thai and Susie being whiter than white. But actually, sceptism aside - this is a fair representation of Christ Church, Brighton - a church of about 40 people from 10 different nationalities. It is awesome! The church is a global community, and I love being able to look at my local church and be reminded of that. Being a Christian rocks!


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