Monday, October 22, 2007

The Bible is awesome!!

I do love Sussex CU - they are cute (I could probably put that in a less patronisting way but I can't be bothered!! they are cute) I do love the Bible more though. It is just amazing. 66 books written by a load of different authors, in many different styles and genres, written over a time span of more than 1500 years, and yet it tells a perfectly consistant story centred around Jesus. It reveals an awesomely complicated but loving triune God, who made us to have a relationship with Him. He knew we were going to reject him, to say 'stuff you God' and turn away from Him even before He created us, yet he still did, he created us knowing that he was going to send Jesus to rescue and restore us, and He spends the whole of the Old Testament pointing towards Jesus. And because Jesus died for us, we can have that restored relationship with God that goes on forever, and will become perfect when Jesus returns. Awesome!!


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