Sunday, November 04, 2007

My granny

My granny died 10 days ago. She was a very kind lady. Here are a couple of incidents that sum up her kindness.:
* When I was 11 years old and broke my foot - she knitted a 'toe cosy' to go over the plaster so my toes wouldn't get cold.
* She often helped me, and subsequently other younger cousins to find the thimble in the aunnual game of 'hunt the thimble' in the Waddington family gathering. If you've never played 'Hunt the thimble' (and really, why would you have?) it's a very simple game - someone hides a small metal thimble in our living room while everyone else is waiting outside, the cry of 'ready' goes up and everyone piles into the room (bear in mind I have a large extended family, and elbows are often used in this process!) and looks for the thimble. A cry of 'found it!' will go up and we all dutifully pile back out of the room for the victor to hide the treasured thimble. As a visually impaired little girl, I'm not sure how I ever found this game fun, I guess having Granny (and others) help me to find it must have made it fun. Since growing up people have stopped helping me and it has become a lot less fun - usually involving hanging around in a corridor and not even getting through the door before some sharp eyed cousin or brother has located that darned thimble! But this is a game I will always associate with my Granny - she would always patiently bear with us, in our over competitive enthusisum or grumpiness and help the youngest and weakest to enjoy the game.
Granny Wadds - I will miss you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your granny was clearly a genius! Toe cozies are a brilliant idea... you could market those and make a mini fortune I'm sure! Aimz xx

Sun Nov 11, 06:42:00 pm  

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