Monday, March 13, 2006

random musings from the last week

- God is faithful even when I'm faithless - and he really does respond to the cry 'I believe! Help my unbelief!'
- I sadly live in a very white middle class area, so I find it weird to be in the racial minority
- Feeling a bit like the teacher in 'Dangerous Minds' is quite a cool expereince
- God can work through Homer Simpson (weak and foolish thing again?!)
- I miss my Relay prayer cell (thats not an instrument of torture even if it sounds like one) and I love praying with my friends
- I love being in places where its not weird to walk up to people and go 'So, what do you believe?'
- I find it difficult to listen to someone whose talking to me about re-incarnation without them going 'waawaawaawaa' in my brain (like Charlie Brown's teacher) Re-incarnation - what a rubbish idea! Imagine having to keep coming back forever - how tiring / boring / depressing - eugh!
- Why doesn't Harold Bishop understand grace, and how scary is he when he goes physco?
- Why does no-one in Cambridge City Council know how to book out Lichfield Commuinty Hall when surely its their job?