Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Summer lovin

Things I've done in the last week that show its summer (even though its only the eginning of april):
1. Had a easter egg hunt (ok not so summery) and picnic (there we go) in the park.
2. Went for a picnic and walk on the South Downs - managed to navigate most of our way around in a circle without a map (only once did we have to climb over a barbed wire fence (something I wouldn't recommend doing, especially when kindly dog walkers are watching you and trying to give helpful advice)
3. Sat in a back garden in the sun, having a mate read a book to me (I love people reading to me - I think everyone should read to each other - its sooo nice - we started a reading to each other cult in bulgaria and I think it should continue - if you've never done it - do it today! especailly if you can sit in the sun)
4. Cooked pizza at Suzi's house and then walked down to the beach with it to eat (got a few weird looks on the way - and it took as a whileto work out why people were looking at us funny - isn't it normal to cross Western Road holding a steraming hot pizza?
5. Paddled in the sea - it was freezing - but thats not really different from summer.
6. Laughed until our sides ached whilst sitting on the beach watching the sunset until we could stand the cold no longer.

Let's hope the summer lasts!!