Monday, September 22, 2008

Lovin our street

We had a house warming bbq yesterday and invited our whole street (ok so we moved in like 3 months ago - but we've not all been here properly til now! + the weathers been poo!) It was sooo nice inviting out street, lots of people were out (so we popped notes through their doors) and the people who were in were all lovely and up for chatting for a bit - and didn't appear to think we were weird (well they didn't APPEAR that anyway - who knows what they are actaully thinking!) they all appreciated the gesture. The bbq was lots of fun - two lots of our neighbours came and we had a great time getting to know them - they are all lovely people. But what's really struck me is the number of people who've made an effort to pop by having got our note and say thanks for the invite and t hey would have come if they hadn't been busy. I even got home today to a handmade Welcome to your New Home card from the family at no 12 - how cute! When we out inviting people I know I was a bit worried that people would think we were uber-kean weirdos. But actaully people are really touched by the gesture. I suppose we all crave community - we all crave a sense of belonging. Why else to we love watching Friends, Neighbrours even Eastenders? I love knowing the people in my street - its been a while since I have, but having made the intial contact with a lot of them now I'm looking forward to more chats over fences, maybe even popping round for cuppas... maybe I jsut want to be in Neighbours.. :o) but I do love my street

Thursday, September 11, 2008

bus stops

Wow that is an exciting title for a blog post - but I have been musing the randomness of bus stops recently. I use buses a lot now - seeing as I've moved out to the sticks and I've had some interesting conversations at the bus stop opposite my house. But it has struck me how randomly British these conversations usually are. They often go something like this:

Lou walks up to bus stop - sits down on cold, red plastic bench next to person A who is starring intently to the right.
They sit in silence until Lou sums up the courage - then,
Lou: makes some inane comment about the weather or the buses (buses usually work better)
Person A: agrees with inane comment - then continues to tell Lou their entire life story.
Lou: makes sympathetic noises and wonders how to talk to them about Jesus (more exciting than buses)
While this is happening both Person A and Lou alternate between looking at each other and looking to the right. At least one of them must glance to the right every 10 seconds.
Bus arrives (from the right) - Lou and Person A get on - they sit nowhere near each other and don't speak again.

This has happened sooo many times.

This is what happens on the way home:

Lou walks up to an AMAZING talking bus stop in the centre of Brighton and turns on her magic key fob.
Bus stop: Churchill Square stop E and F
People around looked surprised / puzzled
Lou presses the righthand button on her key fob
Bus stop: (now impersonating Stephen Hawking) The 5B to Hollingbury is due in 13 minutes.
People around continue to looking surprised / puzzled
Lou waits a few minutes and then presses the button again
Bus stop: The 5B to Hollingbury is due in 4 minutes
(they are never actual minutes - they are just periods of time)
Some surrounding people now trying to work out how it works and what triggers is
Lou feels smug and powerful
Bus arrives
Lou sadly turns off her key fob of joy and gets onto the bus.