Thursday, February 23, 2006


We had a real breakthrough in the life of Rock this morning - we had a conversation about Neighbours after our 7am prayer meeting!!!!!!! I was so excited about the fact there were at least 5 of us engaging in a conversation about Neighbours (including Matthew who has threatened to sack me before coz he's caught me wathcing it!) - such a breakthrough - nothing can stop us now!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

More cornish madness

So what did we get up to in Conrwall? Well, it was the usual combo of questionnaires (oh the joy of walking up to complete strangers going 'Hi, I'm from the CU...yadayadayada' whilst thinking 'you think I'm a complete freak, don't you? And I don't blame you - if I were you I'd think I was a complete freak too' but then actually getting to talk to them about Jesus and it being great ... up until the questionnaire is finished and then you have to go an approach another random...), lunchtime talks (I did one on 'Is homer simpson good enough for heaven?' sadly no non-christians turned up, coz it was in some obsecure out of the way room - d'oh!) and grill a christians (or 'Gorilla-Christian.... had the very random experience of running round college with the philospical Andy Witherall dressed as a gorilla, inviting 6th formers to the event, then sat on a table in a corridor where loads of people hang out and chatted to teenagers about God whilst lots of them were snogging each other, and got to answer the brilliant quesiton 'so if you gotta be perfect to get to heaven n none of us are... how'd you get to heaven?', and lots of other more random quesitons) God did lots of stuff in the week, which was great, sometimes it was difficult to see what he was doing but we had a great reminder at Falmouth CU meeting, that evangelism isn't about being successful, its about being faithful, and I think we were faithful to the amazing good news of Jesus. We also had a lot of fun outside of college hours, spending time eating free teascakes in coffee shops, being creeped out by scary Canadians who own a huge haunted mansion and a very smelly dog, relaxing in the cushiest CUG accomodation ever (me and Steph got free amazing bed and breakfast, and were waited on hand and foot!), being grossed out by 'Derailed' (such a disgusting film - don't watch it!), and generally laughing a lot. It was great :o)

Male Bonding

It wasn't just be that enjoyed Cornwall, Zippy had a great time too, hanging out with the lads. He had plenty of quality male bonding time where they taught him to be a man (grrr)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

tiredness from cornwall

I am very tired. I loved spending the week doing mission in Cornwall, but had a bit of a nightmare trip home (in total it took 11 hours though that wasn't all at once) so my brain is all fluffy and I'm over emotional (I almost cried in Tescos earlier coz there weren't any carrots - thankfully I managed to pull myself together n get some perspective on the sitation!!) so I'm gonna reflect on Cornwall properly in a few days. But here's a starter:

Friday, February 10, 2006

Do I work for UCCF?

Sometimes it feels like it! I'm off tomorrow heading to Cornwall for a week - yay!! I get to spend a week telling lovely sixth form students about Jesus in the beautiful surroundings of the Cornish countryside... what could be better?! (ok maybe if it was summer and not bitterly cold it may be better... but hohum you can't have it all!) must go pack my camera....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A lifelong dream....

I'm going to be a bridesmaid!! I'm so excited - I've never been a bridesmaid before, and I'm really happy that the first time I am its gonna be for one of my best mates, the lovely Nic Hall (soon to be Nic Chenomuto man I need to learn how to spell that!!) Nic sent me a little envelope with a load of jigsaw pieces in it, when I final managed to fit them together they read as above (it took ages for me to get it right coz I'd guessed what it was gonna say and was overexcitedly rolling around on the floor screaming!!) its gonna be sooo much fun :o)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Weak and foolish

This saturday I was back doing what I love - working with randomly crazy people who all have a similar heart for random and crazy small groups of Christian students. It was a training day for FE CU's, typiclly for FE there were more people leading sessions than students, but I didn't care. I was back doing something that I felt like I knew how to do. A rare occurance at the moment. At Rock I feel out of my depth a lot, I feel I have very little experience, that I am very young and everyone else is more capable than I am. So it was great being back doing FE, not so much because I felt capable, but because I was reminded of who God chooses to use. Those oh so familiar verses 1 Corinithans 1:26-2:5 I love these verses, I've lead countless studies on them, asking the same questions as we were asked on Saturday, and yet I get stuff out of it every time I look at it (hey its like the Bible's a living word or something!!) God delights in using weak and foolish people, it brings glory to him. It was a lesson I lerant again and again last year as I watched God use two bizarre groups of people to bring glory to his name. God using the weak and foolish was a day to day occurane of life and was what motivated me to keep on working with these random CUs. But I haven't dwelt on the amazingness of that truth quite so much this year, I mean Rock seems pretty sorted (compared to Northbrook and Sussex Downs CUs anyway!!) But I'm not sorted, I'm still weak and foolish, and I really need to remember the truth of what Paul writes to the Corinithians. It doesn't matter that I'm young and inexperienced, I have the Creator of the Universe on my side, and he wants to use me!!

Encouragements of the day
1. Long Road CU grew by 50% and quadrupled its male population as 3 boys joined our meeting!!!
2. I invited one of the careworkers at the nursing home to look at the Bible with me, she's blatantly searching, she's going to get back to me.
Hooray for God!