Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quesitons raised by todays Neighbours episode

1. How does Karl Kennedy have enough time to work not only as a GP but also in practically every area of the hospital, not to mention do counselling, as well as be in a childrens party act performing for four 4 year old children at no 30?
2. Why were the 4 year old children havign a party at no 30 anyway?
3. How do Cameron and Robert look EXACTLY the same - with even the same hair-cut even though Cam's been in a coma for 7 months?
4. Why is Cam not wearing a hospital bracelet nor does he have any scars in his arms from the IV which would back up his story. Also - he has JUST woken up from a coma - how is he so well?
that is all

Friday, August 25, 2006

4 hour holiday

I had a 4 hour holiday today!! Me and Alice and Zippy pretended to be tourists for a monring and went on an Open Top Bus tour - it was fab! We are now thoroughly educated about historic Cambridge and life in general - for example - did you know that a golden pineapple is a sign of wealth? Well, I suppose it is quite obvious - you'd have to be pretty rich to own a golden pineapple.
Above you will see (from the top):
- Zippy at the round church (one of my fav Cam buildings - built in the 12th century (80 years before any stupid uni buildings) its the current home of the fab Christian Heritage
- Zippy and Alice sheltering from 2 spots of rain that fell (the weather apart from those 2 sports was AMAZING its like summers back or something!)
- Alice and Zippy at the American cemetary (doesn't it look like we're in a differnt country?!)
- Me and Zippy by one of Cambridges 35,000 bicycles
- Zippy experiencing some travel sickness (watch out belwo!)
- Zippy and Alice listening to come quality tour bus commentary.

Most random conversation of the day:
Alice (after discussing whether we could pass me off as a student): what age do you have to be to be a student
Ticket man: 16 +
Alice: Ah, well we're not students, so how much is full price?
Ticket man: Well, I'll put you through as students - it'll be cheaper
Alice (to me): I didn't lie - did I?

Quality morning!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cricket vs gosepl on Parkers Piece

Just got back from quite a random open air service that we did on Parkers Piece (a large bit of flat (surprisngly!) green-ness in the middle of Cambridge whre apparently the international rules of football wer 1st written down (man, Cambridge is a werid place!) Thankfully, it didn't rain, as I thought it was going to, but there was a charity cricket match right next to us (they had Graham Gooch!!) So we had to compete wit hrandom cricket commetnray interspersed wtih 'Is this the way to Amorillo' (which now obviously I can't get out of my head grrrr!!). Still we drew a reasonable sized crowd. I had to give my testimony (which was horrible, I was really scared and felt I made no sense, but apparently I did...!) Then Al talked about Jesus' 'I am the resurrection and the life'. I love doing things in the open air - its such a privilege!! I think too often we take things for granted in this country, and feedom of speech is one of those. I love that we can plug up microphones in the middle of a central meeting place and tell the good news of Jesus - hooray! We should make the most of the opportunities while we have them... who knows if at some point the 'Insightment to religious hatred' bill will re-rear its ugly head and praching the gospel in public might become illegal. Doesn't mean we'll stop doing it of course, but it won't be so easy. Hooray for free speech! though maybe a bit of persecution would be good for us...!!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I was reading Luke 24 this morning. Its fab. Jesus had just faced the worse suffering ever known. Hanging on the cros in unbearable physcial pain, but with the far greater torment of having his Father abandon him, taking the wrath of God for us. He died. In Luke 24, two of this disciples are wandering along the road to Emmaus, completely downcast. They had not understood what was happening on the cross. All they knew was that they had hoped that Jesus was The One - the Messiah. He'd certainly appeared that way on earth, healing the sick, teaching with authority, even raising the dead. But now, he'd gone. All there hopes were dashed. They'd hoped Jesus would be the one to save them, but how could he save them now, he was dead, all his words were obviously hollow promises. They were telling all these things to a stranger who was walking with them on the road. Except it was no stranger. It was Jesus - risen and alive. They did not recognise him, but he explained how the Bible pointed towards him. When he broke bread wtih them, they recognised him. Then they realised who he was, and they're whole mindset changed. No logner were they downcast - but full of joy. Jesus was alive -they had hope - his words were not empty - his promises could be trusted. He'd proved that by rising again. Resurrection and joy follows hardships and suffering. And because Jesus rose again, we can know that we also will be raised up - resurrection and joy will follow our hardship and suffering on this earth.
For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 2 Corinithans 4:17

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lord, you know my heart
Lord, you know my body
Lord, you know my feelings
Lord, you know my friends
Lord, you know the pain,
the pain I feel, the struggle to see,
Lord, you know the heart-ache
the heart-ache from watching friends broken
Lord, why do you allow it?
Why do you allow it to continue?
Come Lord, end this

Come to me, you say,
Come - my yoke is easy
and my burden light
Why do I feel so heavy laiden?
Come to me, you say,
Come, and I will give you rest
Why do I feel so tired?
Come to me, you say,
I will never leave you
I will not forsake you
Why do I feel so alone?

Lord, why is this world so messed up?
Why do you allow it?
He gives no answer
Just opens his arms
And dies on a tree
He does know pain
He does know heart-ache
He does know suffering
And he knows them because of me

This world is not all there is
Something better will come
One day, every tear will be wiped away
I can share in it,
Because of the cross
What love
Come, Lord Jesus, come

Friday, August 11, 2006

Weddings, weddings

I was a bridesmaid last weekend!!! Sooo much fun! Congratulation Alen + Nic Chanamuto!!! :o)